Get to know the airport…

Get to know the airport…

This post will be a short one, but relevant to the business traveler. 

Walk the airport

Here’s a straightforward idea to help you in your quest stay healthy on a business trip. Three simple words; walk the airport. 

If you’re travel take you to the airport as it does for many business travelers, make it a point to walk the airport. All too often, I see travelers scramble to to try and find seats and immediately settle in at their gate. This has always seemed so bizarre to me as we’ll be sitting on a flying metal tube for an hour or more, with very little opportunity to move, so why would you want to sit for an hour or more before that!

I know some business folks will say, but wait, I need to charge my phone/tablet/laptop, etc. for the flight, so I can’t walk and leave my devices. This is where you need to prepare! You should arrive at the airport with your devices fully charged so you don’t have to battle for the scarce power outlets and sit while your device/s charge. 

My walks

The idea for this blog came to me last week when I arrived through security at Heathrow airport 75 minutes before my flight was scheduled to depart. I was in my ‘fasting window’ early in the morning, so sitting down to eat was not an option, I had my reading material and I knew I would be sitting on the plane for about an hour and a 1/2. So I did what I normally do, and I walked the airport. I walked from one end of the terminal to the other, Twice. 

My goal was to try and get in 3,000 steps before I had to board. No reason for the that number, just a random number that seemed acheivable yet would push me just a little bit. 

This is a routine I’ve been in for many years when traveling. Rarely do I sit at my gate, or anywhere and just wait for my flight to board. 

Take every opportunity you have to move! 

Any movement is beneficial and will help you on your quest to stay healthy and fit while traveling. 

Set a goal for your airport walk

Like many of you, I wear a fitness tracker that counts my steps, runs, heartbeat, etc. My personal choice is a Fitbit Surge, primarily because I like the accompanying app. I find it simple to use, easy to navigate and I am easily able to find the information I am looking for quickly. 

So, if you have a tracker, set yourself a goal on the number of steps you’d like to hit before you board and walk. You don’t have to power walk, or go fast, just keep moving. 

At larger airports, walking is easily achieved. Simply pick a direction and well, walk! Movement of any kind is always better than sitting down and it’s these little adjustments to your routine that will help you maintain your fitness while traveling. 

Final Thoughts

As I’ve said several times, my goal for this site is to provide the busy traveler, business or otherwise with some ideas tips for ways to stay healthy and fit while traveling. 

If you have any additional ideas, please comment and give me your thoughts!


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  1. Brad, I love it! I live in Atlanta so, walking the airport out here is not an option but a must! I say this because, by the time I get to the parking area, I am thoroughly exercized! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hello Jaye,
      Thank You for stopping by and the comment!

      When I used to fly in and out of Atlanta, I would almost never take the train from Terminal to Terminal, or back to the Arrivals terminal. I would almost always walk. Time permitting of course!

      Walking is one of the easiest and most overlooked exercises that we have available to us. Unfortunately, people have the tendency to NOT walk whenever they have the opportunity.

      Take escalators for example, I rarely just ‘ride’ an escalator. Walk up or down the stairs, As humans we are meant to move, not be as sedentary as possible all the time!


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