Bodyweight training
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Bodyweight training

Bodyweight training

One method of training that doesn’t normally get the credit that it should is bodyweight training. Using just your body as your resistance for your training routine, workout, or even your entire program.  As humans we are very lucky in that we have the ability to move in numerous different planes and each type of movement can provide us with an opportunity to work ourselves in a physical capacity.

Pushups, Pullups, Airsquats, Lunges, or walking Lunges, even the beloved (Sarcasm!) Burpee…

In a future post, I will list numerous different Bodyweight exercises and group them into the area/s of the body that they target. If you need ideas quicker, a very quick search online will list hundreds of ideas for you. YouTube is also a great choice to see how they are performed…

Break from your normal routine

If you’re like the majority of the population, that is, those who are into your fitness, your routine probably consists of weight training of some form. As I mentioned in an earlier post, take the opportunity of travel to break from your normal routine.  Use your trip as an opportunity to add a few new Bodyweight exercises or have a few complete workouts where you focus on Bodyweight training.

Your body and psyche love routine, it makes things easy for you to get many things completed without “thinking” too much about it. Unfortunately, your body likes routine almost too much and adapts very, very quickly. This is one of the main reasons you tend to plateau after you have been doing a particular routine or program for a period of time.

One of the main reasons why exercise benefits you is the stress your put your body under. As you stress your body, either through weight training or cardio-vascular training, your body alters itself to adapt to this stress. The adaption is generally positive.

With Weight training, or weight bearing exercises, this adaption is through the increase in muscle fibers, thereby making you stronger. In a future post, I will write about how this, increased muscle mass, can help you lose fat. (Note that I say Fat and NOT weight. Losing Fat should always be your goal, NOT losing weight. There is a difference!)

With Cardio vascular training, the adaption is through an improvement in your body’s ability to process Oxygen. This is known as your O2 uptake and is one of the reasons that you can for instance, run further and faster as you begin training for say a 5 or 10K.

The downside of routine is that your body adapts to the stress very quickly. Once is knows that is has what it needs to handle the stress you will be placing it under, it stops ‘improving’ and basically says, “Ok, we’ve done this before and I know that I have what it takes to handle this.”

That is a Plateau

Break your Plateau

Breaking your plateau is as easy as breaking your routine!

Like many things in life, there are or can be a number of different ways to accomplish a specific task or goal. This is also true for breaking a plateau in training.

It is here where traveling can help you. As you prepare for your trip (Read my earlier post about how important preparation is) think about how you can use this as a way to break your plateau. A Bodyweight routine could be just the trick to bust through your sticking point.

If your normal routine is weight training, cardio training, or some combination of the 2, Bodyweight training will be a fantastic change for you.

Think about how long you will be traveling and how many workouts you’ll realistically be able to get completed. Once you know this, put together a simple Bodyweight routine (I’ll provide some example exercises at the end of this post, or link to some) and see if that is enough to break your plateau.

Make it your routine

Another option you have is making Bodyweight training part of your routine. You have numerous ways to do this. You can add a few Bodyweight exercises into your current program, or device a routine that consists solely of Bodyweight exercises.

One idea is to take a period of time, say 4 – 6 weeks and make your entire program for that time period be Bodyweight exercises.

Depending on how often and how long you travel, you could make Bodyweight training your routine for a while, in preparation for your upcoming travel. This would ensure that you can train while you are ‘on the road’ and it wouldn’t disrupt your routine, as you can do Bodyweight exercises anywhere, anytime…


One of the benefits of making Bodyweight training part of your routine is the obvious one, that you can train anywhere, anytime.

For a traveler, business or otherwise, the benefit here is obvious. The ability to get in a solid exercise session or 2, anywhere anytime. Almost all hotels have some form of fitness center. Sometimes, many times, this can be as simple as a small room with perhaps a treadmill or 2 and maybe an elliptical machine and if you’re lucky a few small dumbbells.

Regardless of what they have, with Bodyweight training you don’t need anything, other than a small area and the right attitude.  🙂

Even if, worst case scenario, your hotel does not have a fitness center, here’s another excellent benefit of Bodyweight training;  You don’t need one!

Bodyweight training and can even be done in your room, without the need to go anywhere!

On more than one occasion over the years, I have exercised in my room for my entire trip.

All it takes is a little ingenuity and discipline.

Discipline is perhaps the hardest part.


Like any other type of routine, you may find yourself in, the options available to alter or break from your routine are usually only limited by your imagination.

You could continue with your regularly scheduled workout/program, and just substitute Bodyweight exercises for what you would normally do in the gym, or you could change things drastically and do a full body routine, with Bodyweight exercises.

As always, if you have any ideas or thoughts on additional ways to maintain your fitness while on travel, please feel free to leave me a comment.



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  1. Loads of great info here in this article. Really like the niche you are serving. Travelling doesn’t allow for a lot of time to maintain fitness, your site will be helpful to those folks. Do you have any exercise suggestions for the plus 60 age group?

    1. Hello Myles,
      Thank You!
      My suggestion for people in the plus 60 age group is to start slow, especially if you haven’t been a regular exerciser. One of the best exercises there is, that is often overlooked is Walking! A brisk, 30 – 60 minute Walk will do amazing things for you, both physically and mentally and it’s something that anyone can do!
      In the future, I will be adding in exercises and workouts that anyone can do, while at home or traveling for business or pleasure.

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